"The Burning Ice Bears - Walking On"



Produktion / Producer: Christoph Otten

Regie und Schnitt / Director and Filmeditor: Christoph Otten

Kamera / DoP: André Pfennig, Mira Todorova


Hi guys, this is for sure the best music video we have made so far. In total it took us about 2 years to put it all together.

Please give it the exposure it deserves!


The song is called "Walking On"


Stream and buy: http://smarturl.it/iegfl7


Big thanks to the team of Wunderland Kalkar...


...for all the help, support and first and foremost for giving us the opportunity to shoot in an old nuclear plant! What an experience.


Also special thanks to Andre Pfennig for organizing the shoot and holding the camera for some 14hours straight =o) as well as Enya Burger for her great support, once again!


Yes, we did reuse some images we initially used for another video which did not stand the test of time. If you recognize them, please don't mind.


Produced by Chris Kling


Studiowork with Martin Kessler, Dominik Krämer, Andy Schiller


Mastered by ZINO





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