"The Burning Ice Bears - Butterfly with broken wings"



Produktion / Producer: Christoph Otten

Regie und Schnitt / Director and Filmeditor: Christoph Otten

Kamera / DoP: André Pfennig


Making of


Some cool back in the day Rock Music

"Butterfly with broken wings"


It's a rather deep and emotional song, even though it might not appear as one on the first glimpse.


Hope you enjoy


Big thanks to the team of Oetinger Villa...



...and to the team of Boui Boui Bilk...



for all the help, support and first and foremost giving us the opportunity to shoot at these locations and get our pictures framed!


Very special thanks to our amazing dancer Franzi, who brought the imagery of a butterfly to life in such a wonderfully artistic way that the video images can only partially represent its beauty.


Thanks to Johannes Schmitt from mattes for jumping in on the drums.


Also special thanks to Andre Pfennig for these amazing shots as well as Christian Vom Hofe for his fantastic support!



Produced by Chris Kling


Studiowork with Martin Kessler, Dominik Krämer, Andy Schiller


Mastered by ZINO



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